How to Unlock a Verizon Phone to Work on Other Networks

By David McGuffin

If you own your cell phone and wish to unlock it so that it can operate on other network providers, the task is relatively easy and can be accomplished easily within three to four hours as long as you have all the required information. It is important to follow all directions explicitly because the phone can be "hard-locked," according to Mobile Mentalism, if you enter the wrong unlocking code, and will require the purchasing of special software to unlock it again.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Manufacturer and model number
  • Cell phone IMEI number
  • New SIM card
  • Phone unlocking software
  • Computer with Internet access

Step 1

Dial *#606# on your phone's keypad to obtain the phone's IMEI number, which is a fifteen-digit serial identification number needed for unlocking your phone and changing it to receive a signal from another carrier. Alternatively, you can call your cell phone carrier and ask for the IMEI number, although some providers, such as Sprint, will not allow for you to unlock your phone.

Step 2

Search for third-party phone unlocking software, which generally costs about $30, according to PC World. There is also a large online community dedicated to sharing information through blogs and forums about how to unlock cell phones, which is another resource for troubleshooting during the process.

Step 3

Use other resources to obtain the IMEM unlocking code for your phone if you continue to have trouble finding the code through other means. Mobile has an abundance of resources, including unlocking calculators and a software resource for a universal SIM Lock remover.

Step 4

Contact the new phone carrier and give it your phone number, manufacturer and model number, and the phone's IMEM number or unlocking code. If this does not work because the carrier's customer service department is not working with you or or because of its own internal regulations or policies, use a third party to help with the conversion process.

Step 5

Send your cell phone in to a third-party unlocking service provider to have it unlock your phone and switch it over to its network if all else fails. There will be a fee charged for its unlocking and switching services. However, one of the main advantages of sending your phone in is that the companies will typically offer a money-back guarantee.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to do research for your particular phone carrier, manufacturer and model in order to double-check the IMEM and other required numbers for your phone so that you do not accidentally "hard lock" your phone.