How to Unlock a "Wii Play" DVD

By Mitchell White

The Nintendo Wii Play DVD is a locked feature on the Nintendo Wii gaming feature. This means that normally you won't be able to use your Wii to watch DVD movies. However, there are a few modifications you can make that will allow you to watch DVDs on the Wii. Some of these options are available to try out online and others require the purchase of a physical device.

Step 1

Navigate to Myhombreware (see Resoures). Purchase the Wii Unlocker CD. Plce the CD in your Nintendo Wii slot and click through each of the three steps to unlock Wii Play DVD.

Step 2

Open your browser to Brewdownloader (see Resources). Enter your billing information to purchase and download the software. Download the program to an SD card and insert the SD card into your Wii to activate the unlocking process. SD cards and readers can be purchased from any computer store.

Step 3

Visit Homebrewinstaller (see Resources). Click the "Click here" link to purchase and download the product. Install the downloaded software on your Wii machine through the transfer method of your choice to initiate the unlocking process.