How to Unlock Channels for the Dish Network

By Kenneth Coppens

Dish Network has a Parental Control Lock feature that restricts children from seeing unsuitable content. The controls can be set to block anything from PG-13 movies to "Adult-only" channels, so you can find the appropriate setting regardless of your child's age. The controls can also be unlocked at any time you want to watch mature content. A four-digit PIN number is all you need to manage the parental controls.

Step 1

Turn on the DishNetwork receiver and TV. Set the receiver to a password protected channel.

Step 2

Type in the four-digit PIN number when prompted to do so. The "Locks" menu should open automatically.

Step 3

Select "Unlock System" from the menu. Choose "Show Adult" to unlock all blocked channels.

Tips & Warnings

  • This procedure only unlocks channels to which you already have a subscription.