How to Unlock DVD Player Regions

By Chad Anderson

Due to regional settings, you will find that foreign DVDs cannot be played in your domestic DVD player. This is because DVD producers want to control the release times of content in certain regions of the world. DVD player manufacturers often make their DVD players multi-region, so they can sell internationally, and just change a firmware flag to make the DVD player read only one region code. Most manufacturers have a key sequence, often called a firmware hack, that will unlock your DVD player and allow you to play movies from around the world.

Step 1

Flip over your standalone DVD player and copy down all of the information detailing the hardware. This should include manufacturer, make and model number along with the detailing of any firmware versions or other specifics. A sticker with this information is typically located next to, or is a part of, the FCC sticker.

Step 2

Open your computer's web browser and navigate to one of the sites offering DVD player region-free codes, or DVD player region hacks.

Step 3

Click through the menus to find your DVD player or search for your make and model, depending on which site you choose to use. If you do not find your DVD player, you may want try a search engine, because your DVD player's code may not have been added to any of the databases yet if it is brand new.

Step 4

Follow the step-by-step instructions to unlock your DVD player. As each DVD player's codes are different, even changing between models and firmware versions on the same models, you will have to find your specific player's codes. Typically you will have to type in a code sequence, followed by a region code, and then finally a code detailing the new region-free setting, referred to as region 9.

Step 5

Insert an international DVD to test whether or not your new region settings were correctly applied.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the international manual for your DVD player on the DVD manufacturer's website. Sometimes, in the international manual, the company will detail how to change the DVD player's region settings.