How to Unlock Globe Phones

By Andrew Samtoy

Globe phones (also known as world phones) are phones that can be used in different countries. They use small, interchangeable chips called SIM cards, which enable them to connect to national cell phone networks. When they are first sold, many are "locked," which means that they have been programmed to only be used on a single network. In order to make these phones truly global, unlock them using a phone-specific unlocking code.

Things You'll Need

  • Globe phone
  • Unlock code

Step 1

Contact your phone's servicer and ask them for an unlock code. They can generate the correct code for unlocking the phone, but many will only provide you with a code if you have met certain preconditions (i.e., having paid for service for three months). Inform them that you are going to be traveling in another country and want to use the phone there.

Step 2

Use an online service to obtain an unlock code. If you have a Nokia, the service Nokia Free generates unlock codes for free. However, for other phones you likely have to use a commercial service (see Resources for some options). These services generate an unlock code based on your phone's identification number and model, and give you instructions on how to obtain the identification number as well as how to input the code.

Step 3

Type the code into your phone. For most phones, this involves taking out your SIM card, putting the battery back in, powering on the phone and then typing the code. Take care when doing this; if it is not typed in correctly, you risk permanently disabling your phone.

Step 4

Wait for the phone to display a message indicating that the phone is unlocked. Once this occurs, turn the phone off and insert your SIM card or the SIM card of another servicer. Provided that the SIM card has reception, you will be able to access your desired network.

Step 5

Purchase a SIM card when you visit a new country. Insert it in your phone. Use your phone with the new SIM card (and corresponding new phone number) in that country.