How to Unlock Metro PCS Phones

By Seth Amery

Security codes, also known as locks, protect cellular phones from unauthorized use. When you lock your phone, you cannot access any menu within the phone, including the message composer, file holders, the dialer and the phone book. All Metro PCS cell phones come with a default lock, active until you change it to a personal one. If you accidentally locked your phone, it can be frustrating not remembering the code.

Step 1

Type the default code into your phone. Locate this code in your phone manual.

Step 2

Type in various codes you may have used. For example, try typing in birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable numbers.

Step 3

Go to a local Metro PCS store to reset your phone. An employee will use MetroFLASH to flash your phone. After flashing your phone, the default lock code will unlock your phone.