How to Unlock my Samsung for Free

By Joanne Cichetti

Samsung GSM cellphones are designed to use SIM cards, which are microchips that store subscriber data. SIM cards are issued by network carriers. A locked cell phone refers to a phone that only recognizes an SIM card from a specific carrier. After you unlock the phone, it will be incapable of recognizing an SIM card from any other GSM network carrier in the world.

Step 1

Contact your cell phone service provider company, and inform them that you want to obtain the network unlock code for your Samsung phone. You will have to provide some information about your cell phone, including the exact model and the phone's unique serial number, commonly known as the IMEI number. To find out the serial number, type "*#06#."

Step 2

Wait for the network carrier to generate the code for you. It could take a couple of days.

Step 3

Enter the code into the phone once you get it. You just have to type it in when the phone is turned on with another carrier's SIM.

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