How to Unlock My Vaio Keyboard

By Dustin Thornton

Accidentally locking your Vaio keyboard can cause typed letters and/or numbers to appear on the screen very slowly, or not at all. The locking function can occur if a user holds down the shift key for more than eight seconds. This feature can be unlocked through the computer's Microsoft Accessibility Options.

Step 1

Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Ease of Access" and "Ease of Access Center."

Step 2

Click "Make the keyboard easier to use." A new window will appear.

Step 3

Remove the check-marks next to "Turn on Mouse Keys," "Turn on "Stick Keys" and "Turn on Filter Keys." This unlocks your keyboard.

Step 4

Click "Apply" to save changes, then "OK" to exit the window.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pressing the "Shift" key rapidly five times in succession turns on the "Sticky Keys" function.