How to Unlock Phones in CDMA Networks

By LaoA

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access network providers do not want you to use your mobile phone outside of their actual networks. Phones that come equipped with GSM technology allow you to switch cell phone networks quickly because of their SIM cards. You do not have the ability to do this with a CDMA service provider. To unlock a phone on a CDMA network, you need specific software to unlock the device.

Things You'll Need

  • Unlocking software

Step 1

Find the unlocking service provider you desire to use via the Internet or other guide. Examples include CDMA Software, Unlock to Talk or Cell Corner. These enable you to download and install software on your laptop or desktop, and give you a cable to attach to your cell phone. This software can cost as much as $400. Download the software you choose.

Step 2

Enter *#06# on your mobile phone. This causes a series of 15 numbers to come up on your screen, better known as your IMEI number.

Step 3

Run the software you just downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. Go to "Start" and click the recently installed software. Type your IMEI number when prompted to create a new code. This allows you to see your unlock code.

Step 4

Attach the end of your USB to your laptop or desktop, and the opposite side of your USB in the port in the lower portion of your computer.

Step 5

Turn on your cell phone. Then, enter your unlock code and click the "OK" button. This enables you to see the words "Restriction Off" on your screen, which means you have an unlocked phone.