How to Unlock the Keyboard in Microsoft Word

By Chad Buleen

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world. Despite its popularity, one of the problems that some people have is that the keyboard sometimes seems not to work. Even though this is a fairly easy problem to fix, most people hesitate as there may be a cost involved.

Step 1

Click on the Microsoft Word icon to start the program. Pay special attention to any windows that might come up that say anything like “Trial version” or “Read Only.”

Step 2

Open a new document by selecting “Ctrl+N” on the keyboard. Attempt to type something on the page. If you are unable to, look again at the top of the Word screen to see if something like “Read Only” is listed on the top of the document.

Step 3

Go to the “File” menu at the top of the page and try to select “Save As.” If this option is unavailable, chances are that the version of Microsoft Word you have on your computer has expired.

Step 4

Try to recall how Microsoft Word was installed on your computer. If it was installed from a disc you received when you purchased a new computer, there is a good chance the disc is simply a trial version that is only good for 30-60 days. After this trial period ends, your keyboard still works fine, but Microsoft Word is programmed not to process any information from the keyboard.

Step 5

Go to the Microsoft Web site and install the complete version of Microsoft Word. This is not a free download. The least-expensive Microsoft Office Suite still usually costs upwards of $100.

Step 6

Go to the store and buy an installation disc. Use the disc to install a new version of Word. After the non-trial version of the program has been installed, you will see that you can once again type in Word and that your keyboard has been unlocked.

Tips & Warnings

  • Other programs can be used for simple text editing. Most computers that operate with a Microsoft OS include some kind of a free text-editing program, such as Microsoft Works.
  • Making unauthorized copies of Microsoft Word is illegal and can be prosecuted and punished.

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