How to Unlock Track Phones

By Lisa Wampler

Unlocking a prepaid Tracfone (sometimes misspelled as "track phone") is possible if your cell phone is GSM enabled. This means your phone uses a SIM card to connect to the mobile network. Tracfone users roam off of several carrier networks. If you roam off of one that uses a GSM network, you can unlock your phone by calling Tracfone, getting the code and starting service with your new GSM wireless provider.

Things You'll Need

  • Tracfone account

Step 1

Call Tracfone customer service at (800) 323-2366 to speak to a customer-care representative. Tell him that you want to unlock your phone so you can use it on another network.

Step 2

Remove the battery from your phone and read the serial number printed on the back of the phone to the customer rep. Depending on the phone model, the serial number may be called an IMEI number. The rep will also need to know the make and model of the phone. The rep will file a request to get the code. The request will be sent to an off-line employee who will obtain the code and place it in your account.

Step 3

Call Tracfone again after 48 hours to get the unlock code. Enter the code into the phone and it will be unlocked and ready to use on another carrier's wireless network.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once you obtain the SIM card from your new carrier you will need to call the carrier's customer-service department to get the settings for data services and picture-message services. Every carrier has its own settings to access these services.