How to Unlock Your Iphone Safely, Easily and Free

By braniac

There are numerous websites on the internet that sell a service to unlock your iphone with prices ranging from $19.99 all the way up to $100!Unlocking your iphone is not as difficult as many of these websites would have you believe and if you are comfortable downloading and installing programs from the internet you can unlock your iphone yourself without any help.There are many different ways and methods to unlock your iphone but the very easiest method is using software created by geohot called blackra1n.

Things You'll Need

  • An Iphone 2G, 3G or 3GS
  • A windows or mac computer

Step 1

Make sure your iPhone and your iTunes are updated to the very latest versions. Just connect to iTunes and update the software and connect your iPhone to do the same. Next go to and click on the apple or windows icon to download the software onto your computer.

Step 2

Next make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer and double click the blackra1n icon to start the process. Then click the "make it rain" icon and your iPhone will enter recovery mode and automatically reboot.

Step 3

Once the iPhone reboots it will be jail broken and you can now unlock your iPhone and/or install Cydia. There will now be a blackra1n app on your device.

Step 4

Open the blackra1n application and doubleclick on the sn0w package and Cydia and hit install. Once complete your iPhone will be unlocked and you will be free to use it on any carrier.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you download the windows app for windows computers and the mac app for mac computers.
  • Only unlock your computer if you feel comfortable about the process