How to Unprotect a Word Doc

By Foye Robinson

Microsoft Word 2010 contains a document-protection feature that you can enable to limit the changes that other people can make to the file. The protection is enabled with a password, so in order to unprotect a document, you will need to know the password with which the document protection was initially set. You can ascertain whether a document is protected or not by looking at the Restrict Editing icon, which is a piece of paper with a dog-eared corner, under the Protect group; if a lock appears next to the page image, then the file is locked for editing.

Step 1

Click the "Review" tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2

Click "Restrict Editing" in the Protect group.

Step 3

Click the "Stop Protection" button that appears within the Restrict Formatting and Editing window.

Step 4

Enter the password in the blank field in the Unprotect Document dialog box that opens. Click "OK."