How to Unsync Your Facebook From Twitter

By Jean Sommer

Your posts on Twitter automatically post on your Facebook wall as a status update when you link Facebook and Twitter. Linking makes it easier to post on both social networking sites at the same time. When you first link Twitter to Facebook, you allow Twitter permissions as an application to synchronize information. You can revoke those permissions and synchronization of Twitter from Facebook at any time.

Step 1

Use a Web browser to sign in to Facebook. You need to use the full Facebook website to make these changes. You can use a mobile browser only if it allows full website view.

Step 2

Click on "Account" in the top right and choose "Privacy Settings" from the pull down list. All application settings are within "Privacy Settings."

Step 3

Select "Edit Your Settings" under the "Apps and Websites" heading at the bottom right of the Privacy Settings page. Click "Edit Settings" in the "Apps You Use" section to open up permissions for all your applications.

Step 4

Find "Twitter" on the list. Apps are listed by the date you added them to your Facebook account. Click on the "Edit Settings" at the right of the Twitter app section, and select "Remove" beside "Post to My Wall" to stop synchronization from Twitter, so your posts from Twitter will no longer automatically appear on your Facebook wall.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click on "Remove App" at the top to remove the permission of any application. Once you remove an application, you will have to reapprove the permissions for it to have access to your Facebook again.
  • Once you remove the "Post to My Wall" permission, you must visit the Twitter app on Facebook to reestablish that ability. You can no longer access it from "Privacy Settings."

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