How to Unzip a PAK File

By C. Taylor

A PAK file is a compressed file format that is similar to ZIP compressed formats. PAK has been around a long time---it was originally created for use with older disk operating systems. Although not as commonly used, PAK is still employed by many programs to archive multiple files into a smaller, compressed state. To open PAK files, you need a decompression utility with the ability to support PAK files.

Step 1

Try ALZip, a file compression program that boasts support for more than 40 different compression formats, including PAK. ALZip will work on older versions of Windows in addition to the newer 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. Additional features offer restoration of corrupt files, splitting larger zip files, merging multiple archives, encryption and the creation of self-extracting archives.

Step 2

Check out IZArc, another compression utility that supports a large list of file formats, including PAK. IZArc will also open CD image files, such as ISO, BIN and NRG. Like ALZip, IZArc allows you to create self-extracting archives, so your friends can open your archives, even if they do not have a ZIP utility. Encryption is also supported.

Step 3

Check out QuickZip, which supports PAK files, along with a host of others. QuickZip is free and robust. Although its appearance may not be as refined as other utilities, it offers a feature-rich environment with powerful functions, including multiextraction, mass renaming, ZIP repair, encryption and conversion or archives.