How to Unzip GZ Files

By Joe Lewis

GZ files are compressed archives that contain groups of files within them. Like ZIP or RAR files, GZ archives need to be extracted before the files contained within can be accessed. Unfortunately, Windows does not contain a native application to extract these types of archives. PeaZip Archive Manager, however, is a free, multi-platform application that can extract GZ files and most any other type of compressive archive.

Things You'll Need

  • PC with Windows XP or later
  • PeaZip Archive Manager

Step 1

Download the PeaZip Archive Manager (see Resources). Install the software and launch the application.

Step 2

Right-click on the Start menu. Choose "Explore" from the menu. Navigate to the GZ file's location. Click on the file. Continue to hold down the left mouse button and drag the file to the PeaZip window. Release the left mouse button.

Step 3

Click "Extract all to" to pick (or create) a new folder. This is where the GZ file's contents will be extracted. Click the "OK" button. Extraction of the GZ file is now complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Extract the GZ to a folder that can easily be found. Consult relevant websites (see References) to troubleshoot any extraction errors that occur.
  • To avoid infecting the computer with malware, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the GZ file has been obtained from a trusted source before extraction.