How to Unzip Z01 Files

By Aurelio Locsin

Because executables, documents and multimedia files can prove too big for convenient storage and transmission, their creators often compress the files into smaller archives. However, these archives can still prove too big for hard media or Internet transmission. Splitting them into smaller chunks makes them more manageable. Such split zip files have the same name but extensions starting with zip and then consecutively numbered with z01, z02, etc. An example is, test.z01, test.z02. Though many options exist for joining these files and extracting the original, they all function in the same way.

Step 1

Navigate to the location of the split zip files. For example, click “Start” and choose “My Computer” to display the My Computer window and then double-click drives and folders to locate the files.

Step 2

Choose “File” from the explorer window and select “New” and then “Folder” to create a new folder. You can optionally rename the folder by right-clicking it and choosing “Rename.”

Step 3

Drag all the split zip files into this folder beginning with Z01. If you do not have all the files, you cannot unzip them.

Step 4

Download, install and run an unzipping program such as the free Zip Reader or 7-Zip, and the commercial WinZip. These procedures assume you’re using Zip Reader.

Step 5

Run the program and click “Select Archives to Extract.” The Open dialog box appears.

Step 6

Navigate to the folder you created and open it. Double-click the first zip file, such as The split zip files are combined, with the original extracting to the same folder.