How to Update a Uniden Bearcat Scanner

By Mark Spowart

Your Uniden Bearcat scanner is designed to monitor the different radio frequencies you have programmed. From time to time you may need to update the frequencies if you will be using the scanner in a different geographic area than normal. Police, fire and emergency services departments will from time to time change the frequencies they broadcast on if they are directed to do so. This would also require you to update your scanner to monitor these new frequencies.

Things You'll Need

  • List of updated frequencies to input into scanner

Step 1

Turn your Uniden Bearcat scanner on and press the button marked "Manual" to cancel the auto-scanning program.

Step 2

Enter on the keypad the number of the channel you want to update and press the "Manual" button again.

Step 3

Enter the new frequency you want to save for that channel. Use the keypad to input the frequency and make sure you include the "." in your number or the scanner will not be scanning the correct frequency.

Step 4

Press the "Enter" button when you have entered the frequency.

Step 5

Press the "Manual" button if you have another channel to update, or press the "Scan" button to return the Uniden Bearcat scanner to its normal scanning mode.