How to Update an AT&T Cell Phone for the Area

By Melissa Lowery

If you are traveling or moving to another location, there are a few ways to update your AT&T wireless phone to reflect the new service location. If you travel outside of your normal AT&T service area or move to a completely new location, excessive roaming charges can be charged to your wireless account. You can also experience a sudden disruption of service or loss of certain wireless features, such as AT&T mobile Web. There are a few easy steps to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

Step 1

Power your AT&T phone off and back on. Completing a full power cycle will reset your signal to pick-up a closer tower if you are just making a quick trip outside of your normal service area and experience an interruption of service.

Step 2

Contact an AT&T customer care agent by dialing "611" from your cell phone or 800-331-0500 from a landline. After verifying you are the account holder, you will need to provide your new address if you are moving. Your physical address assists in programming your device for the right service area.

Step 3

Ask the representative to verify that AT&T services your new area. You can also obtain the amount of coverage in the new area by visiting the AT&T website. If you move to a new state, your wireless number may need to be changed to reflect the new service area.

Step 4

Check international rates. If traveling or moving internationally, ask the representative about AT&T's international coverage, rate plans and charges.

Step 5

Power your device off for one full minute. This will allow your updated address and new service area to be programmed into your device. Once the minute has passed, power your device back on.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although AT&T offers coverage in most states, not every location has adequate service. Contacting customer service in advance can assist you with finding a solution.