How to Update AnyDVD

By Techwalla Computers Editor

AnyDVD's one of the most popular DVD decryptors currently available. It's not cheap, but once you buy it you'll enjoy its incredible features for years to come. In order to keep up with the changing face of DVD encryption, SlySoft continually releases updates to AnyDVD. If you've already bought the program, these updates are free, and they're easy to download.

Step 1

Launch AnyDVD. Unless you've changed the program settings, it should already have launched after your last restart. If not, look in either the Quick Launch menu or the "Programs" folder of the Start Menu for one of its shortcuts.

Step 2

Right-click its system tray icon and select "Settings" from the pop-up menu that appears.

Step 3

Look at the menu of settings on the left side of the "Settings" window. Find the "Program Settings" option and click on it.

Step 4

Make sure the "Automatically check for new AnyDVD version" box is checked. Keeping this feature on makes the program tell you whenever SlySoft releases program updates.

Step 5

Open your web browser and head to the AnyDVD homepage. The page is located on SlySoft's main website.

Step 6

Download and install the newest available version of AnyDVD. There isn't a specific updater utility, but installing the current release on your computer makes all the necessary changes.

Step 7

Restart your computer. Any changes the new version makes to the old one won't take effect until your system reboots.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check for updates any time you're having trouble ripping or copying a DVD. New discs occasionally feature encryption protocols that the old software can't crack.