How to Update BIOS for an AMD

By Alex Ramirez

The BIOS of your computer completes many hardware-related tasks, but its most important task is to boot the operating system installed on your machine, according to Users can change the order in which hardware and the operating system are started, but it is very important that your BIOS works to maximum efficiency if you are trying to decrease the time it takes to start up your computer. AMD offers several updates and upgrades for its BIOS software to make the program more stable and efficient.

Step 1

Download and install a system scanner that can detect motherboards (see Resources). There are several free programs available, such as Sandra, Everest, or HWINfo, but they all accomplish the same task in about the same amount of time, according to

Step 2

Run the downloaded system scanner. Most programs immediately begin searching and identifying your hardware specifications as the program is starting.

Step 3

Identify your motherboard. The name of your motherboard with more than likely be beside the text "Motherboard/BIOS."

Step 4

Go to AMD's support site to download drivers and upgrades to your motherboard and BIOS software (see Resources).

Step 5

Click "Chipsets/Motherboards" from the drop-down box for "Product Type."

Step 6

Click the family that your processor belongs to from the "Product" drop-down box.

Step 7

Click "View Results" to view drivers and upgrades available for your BIOS software.

Step 8

Download and install any available upgrades. Your computer will have to restart after each upgrade for the changes to take work.