How to Update Flash Player

By Tammy Clevenger

Flash animations add life and pizzazz to websites and Web applications. To view Flash animations from the Web, Adobe Flash Player must be installed as a browser plug-in. Flash Player is a free application available for download from the Adobe website. To update the Flash Player software, the most current version of the player must be downloaded and installed onto the computer.

Step 1

Open an Internet browser and navigate to the Adobe Flash Tester. The Flash application at the top of the page will play an automated clip indicating a successful deployment if Flash Player is currently installed. If Flash Player is not found, a red “X” will appear in the window.

Step 2

Uninstall the current version of Flash Player by downloading the appropriate Adobe uninstaller for your operating system and running the program. Ensure that all running programs are closed prior to initiating the uninstaller. Internet Explorer users may need to reboot after the uninstall is complete. Click “See Details” in the uninstaller interface for further instructions based on the operating system in use.

Step 3

Open an Internet browser and navigate to the Adobe Flash Player Download Center. Close all other open browser windows.

Step 4

Click the "Agree and Install Now" button to being the installation. Be sure to deselect any checkboxes for options you do not desire for the installation, such as running the McAffee scan or installing the Google toolbar.

Step 5

Click “OK” in the warning prompt dialog to install the ActiveX player for Internet Explorer. For other browsers, click the “Save File” button and save the Flash Player installer to a location on the hard drive.

Step 6

Double-click the Flash Player installation file to begin the update.

Step 7

Verify the installation by navigating again to the Flash Tester page.

Tips & Warnings

  • The user may be required to have administrator rights to install Flash Player, depending on the operating system and security settings.
  • Internet Explorer users may need to reboot the computer after uninstalling old versions of Flash Player.