How to Update Internet Explorer for Windows XP Professional

By Maxwell Payne

Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft. In addition to occasionally offering new release versions of the browser software, Microsoft also issues security updates and patches to Internet Explorer. Ensuring that you have the latest and correct version for Windows XP Professional is important for proper functioning and security. You will need to determine your particular version of XP Professional to ensure the proper installer is downloaded.

Step 1

Click on "Start" followed by "Run." Type "winver.exe" in the text box and press "Enter." Look in the "About" window that appears for the version type and number to determine whether you have the 32- or 64-bit version of Windows XP.

Step 2

Visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer download page (see Resources) and click on "Download." Choose your country from the drop-down menu. Choose your version of Windows XP from the available options. If you have the 32-bit version, select "Windows XP" and if you have the 64-bit choose "Windows XP 64."

Step 3

Click on "Run" in the window that appears and allow the install file to download. Click on 'Run" again followed by "I agree to the terms and conditions." Click "Next" to proceed through the installation. Select "Next" or "Ask me later" when prompted to customize the Internet Explorer options. Set up your custom options and restart the computer if prompted to do so.

Step 4

Click on "Start" followed by "Run" and type "sysdm.cpl" in the text box and press "OK." Click on the "Automatic Updates" tab and select the option for "Automatic (recommended)." This ensures that whenever Microsoft issues security patches and updates for programs such as Internet Explorer, they will be downloaded and installed.