How to Update MSI BIOS

By Ty Arthur

The MSI motherboard inside your computer uses a series of coded instructions called the "Basic Input / Output System" (BIOS) which runs every time you power on the computer. The BIOS performs a test for each piece of hardware connected to the motherboard to ensure they are all working properly. You may need to update the BIOS settings on your MSI motherboard if you install a new piece of hardware that the motherboard wasn't originally intended to work with.

Step 1

Open your computer's Start menu and then click on the "Shut Down" button. Select the "Restart" option and wait for your computer system to start its reboot sequence.

Step 2

Press the "F1" button when the MSI logo appears on the computer screen. Scroll down through the list of new menu options that will show up. Highlight the "main" entry and then press the Enter key.

Step 3

Look for the "BIOS Version" heading located near the top of the screen. Note the exact version number listed underneath the heading. Write down the model number of your MSI motherboard underneath the "Model" heading.

Step 4

Press the "F10" key. Highlight the "Yes" option and then hit the Enter key to restart your computer.

Step 5

Open your computer's web browsing program and follow the link in Resources to the MSI BIOS support web page. Click on the first drop-down box and choose whether your computer uses an Intel or AMD processor.

Step 6

Click on the second drop-down menu box and then choose the exact model of MSI motherboard that you have. Scroll down to the downloads section.

Step 7

Look through the list of BIOS updates available for your MSI motherboard and make sure that the newest version is a higher number than the current BIOS version number you wrote down earlier. Click on the link to download the "MSI Live Update" file for the newest version.

Step 8

Close down your web browser and navigate to the folder where you saved the MSI Live Update file. Double-click on the file and then follow the instructions on the screen to update your MSI motherboard's BIOS.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you get the correct version of the BIOS update. If you download an older version your motherboard will stop working properly.
  • Always choose to use the "Live Update" instead of the "Floppy Update." If you choose the Floppy Update you will need to save the BIOS update file to a 3.5 inch floppy disk and then restart your computer with the disk still installed. The update file will then prompt you to install the new BIOS version once your computer restarts.