How to Update Roaming Capabilities in Verizon

By Chris Miksen

Your Verizon cell phone is set up so it communicates with the closest cell phone tower, even when you're roaming. Since Verizon is always updating its towers and building new ones, your phone may not be communicating with the nearest tower, and you may be losing coverage or signal when you roam. You can update the roaming capabilities of your Verizon phone by calling "*228."

Step 1

Call "*228" from your phone.

Step 2

Press "2" when the automated operator prompts you to upgrade your roaming.

Step 3

Press "End" or the red "Phone" icon after the operator confirms you have upgraded your roaming capabilities. Depending on your phone model, your phone may shut off and restart after the operator confirms the upgrade.

Tips & Warnings

  • The call is free of charge.