How to Update Satellites on a Verizon Phone

By Andrew Smith

Your Verizon Wireless cell phone may drop calls if you are using the phone while away from your local area. This problem can be avoided by updating the phone's "satellites," a process known as updating the phone's "towers." When you do so, the cell phone is more likely to remain on the Verizon Wireless networking. A Verizon phone that doesn't stray from the network is less likely to drop calls or enter the "roaming" mode.

Step 1

Turn the Verizon phone on.

Step 2

Press the "Star" ("*") key.

Step 3

Dial the number "228." "*228" is now on the phone's screen.

Step 4

Press "Send" or "Dial." The "Verizon Wireless Programming" service is dialed and accessed.

Step 5

Press "2" when instructed by the programming service's voice. The phone is programmed.

Step 6

Wait until you hear that the phone's roaming capabilities were programmed successfully. Press "OK" if the phone doesn't automatically reset.

Tips & Warnings

  • Repeat the steps if you're told the update failed or if an "update failed" message appears on the phone's screen.