How to Upgrade Insyde Software BIOS

By Ryan Casima

Insyde Software is a software developer that develops core technologies, BIOS programs and engineering services. Insyde Software licenses its software to other companies, such as IBM, AMB, Siemens Medical, Phillips, Asus, and Flextronics, just to name a few. Insyde Software itself does not offer BIOS updates due to the license nature of its products. In order to update if there is a BIOS upgrade for your Insyde Software "SystemSoft BIOS," you have to directly contact the licensee or search the licensee's website for an upgrade. Upgrading the BIOS to a more recent version will allow your computer to run more recent programs and operating systems, such as Windows 7.

Step 1

Determine the motherboard manufacturer that uses the SystemSoft BIOS chip. Most motherboards will have the manufacturer listed near the CPU socket or the northbridge. You can also determine the motherboard manufacturer by viewing the system start up screen that appears right after you turn on your computer.

Step 2

Open a web browser and search for the official website of the motherboard manufacturer.

Step 3

Locate the "Support" or "Services" page. If there is no support page, locate the "Contact Us" page.

Step 4

Search for "Updates" or "Upgrades" within the "Support" or "Services" pages. In the search box provided, type the model name of your motherboard, which can be found using step 1. If there is no "Support" or "Services" page, send an email to the manufacturer through the email found on the "Contact Us" page with information about the SystemSoft BIOS version you are using as well as the motherboard you are using to determine if there is an upgrade available.

Step 5

If an update is available, download it and double-click it to run the upgrade. Follow the prompts made by the installedr to upgrade the BIOS. Once you successfully upgrade the BIOS, restart your computer to save the changes.