How to Upgrade Internet Explorer for Windows XP

By Si Kingston

Internet Explorer is the default Web browser on the Windows XP operating system. Since Windows XP first came out in 2001, the Internet Explorer browser has gone through many upgrades. Current upgrades that are compatible with XP include IE 7 and IE 8. To upgrade your browser to either one, you can visit the Microsoft Download Center.

Step 1

Go to Microsoft's homepage.

Step 2

Select the "Downloads & Trials" option, and then select "Downloads" to be redirected to the Microsoft Download Center.

Step 3

Select "Downloads A to Z," and then select "I" and click on Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Select an Internet Explorer download from the results such as IE 7 or 8 which are both compatible with XP.

Step 5

Select the "Download" button.

Step 6

Select "Run" on the "File Download - Security Warning." Follow the installation prompts and restart your computer once installation is complete.

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