How to Upgrade Internet Explorer to 128 Bit Encryption

By Campbell Vertesi

All versions of Internet Explorer released since August 2001 are capable of 128-bit encryption, but older versions of the browser are not necessarily. This higher encryption standard is in common use by banking and e-commerce websites, and is a highly recommended upgrade according to Microsoft.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer 5 or earlier

Step 1

Identify your version of Internet Explorer. Go to the "Help" menu and click "About Internet Explorer." The window that appears will display your version number. Once you have noted the number, close the window.

Step 2

Navigate to the Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack download page, listed in the resources section below.

Step 3

Click on the high-encryption pack for your browser version, listed on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 4

In the new window that appears, click "Open." The High-Encryption Pack will download to your computer and start the upgrade process automatically.

Step 5

Click "Next" when the upgrade begins, and then "Accept" to the license agreement. When the upgrade process completes, you will be able to click "Finish," and you will be prompted to restart your computer. After the restart, your version of Internet Explorer will have 128-bit encryption installed.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is not recommended to use such an old version of Internet Explorer. If at all possible, upgrading to Internet Explorer 6 or 7 is highly recommended by Microsoft. These newer versions are already capable of 128-bit encryption, and contain many security and compatibility updates as well.