How to Upgrade Microsoft Excel

By Matthew Burley

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is widely used by businesses and individuals alike. Its popularity is due to its ease of usage and powerful features. Microsoft releases a new version every few years, and a situation may arise where an individual or organization may wish to upgrade their version of Excel to the most recently released version. Fortunately, Microsoft has provided a simple method for upgrading Microsoft Excel.

Things You'll Need

  • New version of Microsoft Excel (as part of the Microsoft Office suite)
  • Computer with CD or DVD drive and previously installed version of Microsoft Office

Step 1

Insert the install CD or DVD into the disk drive.

Step 2

Enter your product key when prompted. This will occur after the install screen has popped up. If the install screen does not come up automatically, then navigate to your CD/DVD drive through "My Computer" and double click on the Microsoft Office disk icon. The product key can be found on a sticker on the CD case inside your Microsoft Office box.

Step 3

Accept the Microsoft License agreement.

Step 4

Select "Install Now" or "Customize." "Install Now" will upgrade all previous versions of the Microsoft Office program that correspond to your recently purchased Office software. "Customize" will allow you to specify which applications and features are upgraded.

Step 5

Activate your product after the installation is completed. Activating over the internet is the quickest method if you have an internet connection. If you decline activation at this time, you will be prompted to activate each time you open an Office program.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Microsoft Office program suite can take up a considerable amount of space. Check that your computer meets the hard drive space requirements specified on your product's packaging.