How to Upload a Collage to Facebook

By Christina Hadley

One challenge related to uploading a photo collage in Facebook is the size. Collages consist of multiple images within a single file; such a file is bound to be big, especially if the collage contains lots of photos. To successfully upload a collage, it must conform to Facebook's latest file upload size requirements. Facebook supports images that are 2048 by 2048 pixels, which means that the site is capable of displaying a collage at a size that won't require squinting your eyes to enjoy it.

Step 1

Choose a feasible collage for uploading. Use your image-editing software to check the collage's file size. For example, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements users may discover a collage's file size properties from within the "Image Size" dialog box. GIMP users can navigate to "Image," and then "Scale Image," to adjust a collage's size as necessary. Also, the composition you choose for uploading should be no more than 2048 pixels on its longest side. Any collage that's roughly 6MB in size and smaller than a 2048 by 2048 pixel square is a good candidate for uploading to Facebook.

Step 2

Create an album for your photo collages if you plan to upload more than one file. Facebook photo albums can hold up to 200 files. Make an album to hold your collages by clicking the "Photo" link at the top of Facebook's home page and selecting the "Create an Album" option. Choose "Select Photos" to browse for the collages. Name the album after finding the collages you want to include within the album. Choose the "High Resolution" option if you want your album to display collages at full size.

Step 3

Upload collages to Facebook without placing them in an album. Uploading a single collage does not require an alternate procedure of any sort. Simply choose "Photo" from the top of your Facebook's home page and select "Upload a Photo." Browse to the collage you want to upload and then click "Open." You may upload multiple collages in a single photo upload session by pressing the "Control" key as you pick the collages that you want to upload.

Tips & Warnings

  • There's no limit to the number of collages you may upload to Facebook.