How to Upload a PDF to Facebook

By Nicole Vulcan

If you have a PDF that you want to share on Facebook, you may have had trouble thus far in getting it to upload. Facebook allows you to upload photos and video, but not PDFs -- so one way to work around it is to convert your PDF to an image file so the website recognizes it as a picture and not a document. This requires one extra step before you log in to Facebook.

Step 1

Open the PDF file on your computer. Right-click on the file, or click "File" followed by "Save As." Some computers give you the option of the file type you want to save the PDF as; choose .jpg or .gif -- both of which are image files -- and click "Save." Your PDF is now saved as an image file.

Step 2

Log in to Facebook, and click on the photo icon above the "What's on your mind?" box. When prompted, click on the "Upload a photo from your drive" box.

Step 3

Click "Browse" or "Choose File" to select the newly created .jpg or .gif file from the files and folders on your computer, and then click "Share." This uploads the image to the "Photos" section of your Facebook profile.