How to Upload a Picture & Find Celeb Look a Like

By Chris Loza

If you have ever wondered who are your celebrity lookalikes, then it's as simple as uploading a picture over the Internet and generating the results. A few websites offer free tools to help you find the celebrities you resemble most. Simply upload a picture and these websites will suggest, based on your picture, which celebrities you look like. They also provide you the option to share the results to social networking sites or display them on your own website.

Step 1

Click one of the websites in the Resources section.

Step 2

Locate a photo of you that shows your face clearly without a hat or glasses. For the MyHeritage website, click "Find the Celebrity in You" button then click "Browse" to upload your picture. For PicItUp click "Choose File." For Stars in You click "Upload."

Step 3

Click "Run face recognition!" for MyHeritage to show results. (A free account sign-up is needed to continue to the results.) Choose your gender for PicItUp; then enter an email address and press "Get A Match" to view the results.Click "Show results" for Stars in You to view your celebrity matches.