How to Upload Music to a Facebook Profile

By Stephen A. Powell

Facebook is a popular website whose simple, understated standard user profiles set the online social networking platform apart from its competitors. While Facebook does not offer much in the way of profile appearance customization, you may personalize your profile by adding applications and widgets. Facebook users who want to upload music to their profiles can do so through one of many audio playback widgets available from the Facebook applications database. Facebook Music Player, which is one such application, comes preinstalled in artist, band and musician profiles.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook music player application

Step 1

Choose a Facebook music player application for your profile. Try Facebook Music Player or iLike if you do not have a music player application in mind.

Step 2

Allow your Facebook music player application to access your profile. Click the “Add” link or button from the music player’s profile. Grant the application access to your profile in the ensuing prompt page.

Step 3

Click “Add New Song” from the player’s menu or tab it creates on your profile. Click “Edit” on the Facebook Music Player box on your "Edit Page" menu if you are accessing the application from an artist, band or musician profile.

Step 4

Choose a song from the ensuing browser. Select a music file from your computer’s hard drive. Click “OK” to being the upload. The uploaded song will be playable from your Facebook profile.