How to Upload Music to an iPad using iTunes

By Kefa Olang

The iPad comes with a built-in iPod player that allows you to enjoy your favorite music wherever you take the tablet. It supports music in different formats, including MP3 and AAC. With the iPad, you can upload your favorite songs, playlists, artists and albums from your computer using iTunes, the default management software. On a PC or Mac, upload music to your iPad in minutes.

Step 1

Connect your iPad to your computer, and launch iTunes if it does not launch automatically.

Step 2

Locate your iPad in the left pane under "Devices."

Step 3

Click the "File" menu, and click "Add to library" if you want to import music to your iTunes library.

Step 4

Select the songs you want to upload from your computer, and click "Choose" or "Open."

Step 5

Click the "File" menu, and select "New Playlist." iTunes will create a new playlist. Name the playlist.

Step 6

Click "Music" under "Library" to display your songs.

Step 7

Drag songs from the library to your new playlist.

Step 8

Click your playlists, and set the playback order by dragging your songs up or down.

Step 9

Click your iPad under "Devices," and click the "Music" tab.

Step 10

Click the "Sync Music" radio button.

Step 11

Select the "Entire music library" radio button if you want to upload your entire library to your iPad. Choose the "Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres" radio button if you want to sync the playlists you created.

Step 12

Select your playlists, and click "Apply." iTunes automatically uploads the songs to your iPad.

Step 13

Close iTunes, and disconnect your iPad from your computer when you see a confirmation message.