How to Upload Videos and Pictures From an iPhone to a Computer

By Andrew Aarons

One of the iPhone's most impressive features is its built-in still camera and -- in newer generations -- its HD video camera. Developers have released thousands of photo manipulation apps to turn your iPhone into a Polaroid camera, an infrared lens or an x-ray machine, but those photos aren't much good unless you can transfer them to your computer to share with the world. On a Windows-based PC, the process is easy.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone USB data cable
  • iTunes software

Step 1

Install iTunes if you haven't already. Close iTunes and ensure that your iPhone is turned on. Make sure you have a few photos and videos stored on the device. Connect the iPhone to your computer using the provided USB cable (the white one) from Apple. Windows scans any hardware that is connected to your PC via USB and recognizes the iPhone as a digital camera. If nothing happens when you connect the iPhone, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2

Click "Import pictures and videos" to launch the Windows transfer wizard. You have the option to tag the photos for a specific date or event on the next screen. Enter tags, if desired, and click next. Click "Import settings" on this screen to access more options for importing your pictures and videos. By default, Windows will import all photos and videos to the default folder -- "Pictures," in the "Documents" folder. Wait while the green progress bar fills. When the transfer is complete, Windows will open the folder containing the newly transferred images and videos or will, depending on your system's configuration, open Windows Photo Gallery to view the files.

Step 3

Click "Start" and "Control Panel," and then click on "Hardware and Sound." Click on "Change default settings for media and devices" under the "AutoPlay" heading. Scroll through this list until you find your iPhone listed as one of the devices. Click on the drop-down menu box beside the device to choose a default action for iPhone. Choose either "Import pictures and videos using Windows" or "Import pictures and videos using Windows (or Windows Live) Photo Gallery." This is called "setting the behavior" of a device; every time you plug the iPhone into your computer, Windows will perform the task you set here. If you use your iPhone for MP3s and to watch videos, don't worry; this setting doesn't affect the device's interaction with iTunes, and you can still use iTunes to manage your media content.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the App Store for specific photo-transfer applications that make this process even simpler like "Photo Transfer App," which sends your photos to your PC using your home wireless network.