How to Upload Videos to Twitter

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

To upload a video to Twitter, use the Twitvid application. Because this is integrated with your Twitter account, it is not necessary to create a separate account for Twitvid. You can simply connect to Twitvid using your Twitter username and password. You can upload videos smaller than 2GB, which should be suitable for most videos.

Step 1

Visit the Twitter video site at Click "Tweet a Video" and sign in using your Twitter username and password.

Step 2

Click "Choose Video File" and select the video that you would like to upload to Twitter. Click "Open."

Step 3

Type a message into the "Tweet" box. This message is included with your Twitter video. Be sure to limit the message to 140 characters or fewer.

Step 4

Click "Upload Video" to upload the video to Twitter. Your Twitter followers will be able to click on the video and view it.

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