How to Use a 6 Volt Battery

By James Clark

A 6-volt battery is a staple for camping and science projects, because it is used in many camp lantern and heavy-duty flashlights. You will instantly recognize a 6-volt battery by the familiar box shape with two terminals on top. This type of battery is used in most battery-powered camping lanterns.

Things You'll Need

  • 6-volt battery
  • Electrical device requiring 6 volts of power

Step 1

Replace a 6-volt battery in a device such as a camp lantern by unscrewing the battery compartment and removing the old battery, making note of the terminal polarity. Slip the new battery into the battery compartment so that the positive and negative terminals line up with the positive and negative contacts on your lantern or other electrical device, then replace and secure the cover.

Step 2

Connect electrical projects to a battery by stripping 1/2 an inch of insulation from the positive and negative wires running off your project, such as an electric motor available at electronics stores like Radio Shack.

Step 3

Wrap the positive wire around the positive battery terminal under the screw-post, then tighten the post. Wrap the negative wire to the negative wire coil on the battery or the negative post, depending on the battery model, then tighten the post to hold the wire in place. Switch on the motor to drive your project, whether it is attached to a propeller, an aquarium pump or some other science project.

Step 4

Use 6-volt batteries in cordless power tools such as an electric screwdriver or drill. The battery compartment is usually located in the handle of the tool. Access the compartment by twisting off the handle counter-clockwise or unscrewing the battery cover, depending on the model of power tool.

Step 5

Make an electromagnet with a 6-volt battery by wrapping 100 turns of bare copper #22 wire around a penny nail, then attach one end of the nail to a wire connected to the positive terminal of the 6-volt battery. When you attach another wire to the nail and the battery's negative terminal, you will have a powerful magnet for picking up small metal objects.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid crossing the battery terminals with bare wire or a piece of metal to prevent shorting out the battery.