How to use a Brother fax Machine

By Mike Parker

Brother manufactures a broad line of intelligent fax machines that are compact, space-saving, easy to use and are packed with all the features necessary for home or office use. They can act as message centers with the ability to store up to 15 minutes of voice messages in addition to incoming faxes. The automatic document feeder can free up a busy office by handling up to 10 pages unattended. The fax machine’s full duplex speaker phone allows for hands-free operation and the built-in scanner also functions as a convenience copier.

Things You'll Need

  • Standard electrical outlet
  • Working phone jack and cord
  • 17 to 24 lb copier paper

Step 1

Check that the Brother fax machine is plugged in to a standard electrical outlet and that the telephone cord is properly plugged into a working telephone jack and the power is on.

Step 2

Open the paper cover by pulling it forward. Load up to 100 sheets of copier paper into the paper cassette. Make sure the amount of paper loaded does not exceed the maximum paper line on the paper guide. Close the paper cover by pushing it backward.

Step 3

Place your original document into the document feeder face down, top edge first. Adjust the document edge guides in or out to fit your original document. Press the speaker phone button to insure there is a dial tone.

Step 4

Enter the fax number you wish to call by pressing the corresponding numeric keys on the dial pad. Listen for the connection fax tone. Once the fax is connected press the Fax Start button. The fax machine will automatically disconnect once the transmission is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • These instructions are specific to Brother’s line of IntelliFax fax machines. Consult your owner’s manual for other models.
  • These instructions assume the fax machine has already been set up. If the machine has not been set up, refer to your owner’s manual for set up instructions.
  • The Brother IntelliFax fax machine can accommodate originals from 5.8 inches to 8.5 inches wide and from 5.9 inches to 23.7 inches long. The maximum scanning width is only 8.2 inches wide, regardless of the size of the original.
  • Never insert an original document that is curled or ripped.
  • Never insert an original document that has staples or paper clips attached.
  • Always insure the ink is completely dry on all original documents before inserting them into document feeder.

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