How to Use a Debit Card to Shop Online?

By Si Kingston

A debit card looks similar to a credit card but functions differently. Credit cards allow consumers to buy now and pay later. Debit cards, on the other hand, operate just like cash. Consumers are withdrawing the specific amount for their purchases directly from their bank accounts. Debit cards can be used to make purchases online as long as the cards contains a Visa or Mastercard symbol.

Step 1

Go to the checkout section of the website. After you've initiated a purchase for one product, or several, you will have the option to checkout, or complete your purchase. Select this option.

Step 2

Confirm your purchase and enter in your name as printed on your debit card. Then enter in your debit card account number. The debit card account number is located on the front of the card. You must also enter in your billing address, which should be the address associated with your debit card account.

Step 3

Enter in the security code and expiration date. This is not necessary for every debit card purchase online, but some websites will ask for the security code and expiration date printed on your debit card. The security code is the last three digits printed in a series of numbers on the back of your card. The expiration date is typically located on the front of your card below the debit card account number.

Step 4

Save your debit card information to a third-party payment processor. Many websites use third-party payment processors like PayPal or Google Checkout. Once you have completed your payment, the payment processor may give you the option of saving your debit card information so that it will not have to be re-entered the next time you buy from that website or another site that uses that same payment processor. You can follow the prompts to save your information at that time. Next time you make a purchase using that payment processor you can input your login details to access your account rather than your debit card account number.