How to Use a Directional Compass to Install a Dish

By Allen Coleman

Getting digital satellite television to your home requires a small satellite dish to be installed on your home to gather the signal coming from satellites in orbit. In order to get the signal you need from the sky you must point the dish in the right direction. You will be able to zero in on the satellites by retrieving the coordinates in the menu on your dish's receiver. But before you can set the dish, you must find the satellites in orbit. That is done with a directional compass.

Things You'll Need

  • Directional compass

Step 1

Locate north on your compass. You can do that by rotating the compass until the needle is lined up with the north direction on the compass.

Step 2

Find Texas. The satellites that you are looking for are in orbit just south of Texas. So if you are in the Northwest you will want to find southeast on your compass. Keeping the needle lined up north, look at the compass and locate the direction of southeast.

Step 3

Point your dish in the direction your compass tells you to. Now that you have the dish pointed in the right direction you can adjust your dish with the coordinates you got from the receiver.