How to Use a Fax Machine With Magic Jack

By Jennifer Brister

With the rising cost of home phone lines and the universal use of the cell phone, many home phone customers are replacing their traditional home phone lines with the Magic Jack. Magic Jack is a device which has a USB port the connects to your home computer and a phone jack that will plug into your home phone. Users can make local and long distance calls to anywhere in the United States for a minimal yearly price with the Magic Jack. Some users with newer fax machines can also use their Magic Jack connection to send faxes.

Step 1

Unplug your home phone and plug the fax machine telephone cord into your Magic Jack phone jack.

Step 2

Turn off the "error correction" on the fax machine or the fax machine software program.

Step 3

Set the fax machine or fax machine software to send and receive faxes at the lowest speed available. This will help your fax machine to work with the Magic Jack.

Step 4

Send a test fax. If this fax sends properly, increase the fax speed on your fax machine or software. Repeat this until you have found the highest setting at which your fax machine will work with the Magic Jack.

Tips & Warnings

  • Newer fax machines perform better with the Magic Jack than older fax machines.
  • Fax use with the Magic Jack is not supported by the Magic Jack company. The company has stated that faxing may work with some fax machines but not with others.

References & Resources