How to Use a Green Screen

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Many movies incorporate a technique known as green screening. This techniques places actors or subjects in front of a very large piece of chroma-key material that is a very intense color green. In post production editing, a moviemaker removes, or "keys" out, the green color and replaces it with other images.

Step 1

Buy a suitable movie quality approved green screen material from motion picture supply houses or at online movie supply retailers.

Step 2

Place the green screen material at the rear of the studio or soundstage. Either hang the material or adhere it to a solid surface. The green screen material must be very taut and smooth. There should be no wrinkles or seams.

Step 3

Light the green screen properly. Lighting is a key factor in the green screen effect. The light must be even and bright on every portion of the green screen material. Place lights above and on either side of the material behind the subject.

Step 4

Set up individual lighting for the subject. Light the subject separately from the green screen background material with lights from the front that don't interfere with the green screen.

Step 5

Transfer the video footage from the green-screen studio sessions to an appropriate video editing program. Adobe Premiere is a great example of a typical video editing suite. Use these programs to remove the green screen background and replace it with other video footage to create a believable image.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask someone to help install the green screen material, as it's often very large and cumbersome to hang.
  • Start with a higher quality video camera on its highest resolution to capture great quality footage before having to edit.