How to Use a Kindle Reader

By Jennifer Leighton

The Kindle reader may be a top-selling device that has won great acclaim, but it is still an electronic device that has a bit of a learning curve. While the reading experience may initially seem very different than that of reading a paperback or hardcover book, you can use a few easy-reading tips to make your Kindle reading experience a seamless and easy one. You may soon feel like you've been using the Kindle for years.

Step 1

Slide the power switch at the bottom right of the Kindle reader to the right .

Step 2

Hold the power switch all the way to the right until the green light appears and the Kindle home screen appears, replacing the Kindle screen saver. Release the power switch.

Step 3

Click the five-way directional controller at the bottom right side of the Kindle to navigate down the list of books, magazines and documents that appear. As you navigate the list, items will be underlined in turn. This screen, your Kindle home screen, will always be the first screen you see upon powering on your Kindle device. Your new Kindle will include a welcome letter, an electronic Kindle user guide, an Oxford Dictionary of English and The New Oxford American Dictionary. All of these initial items will be listed on your home screen, and any book downloads will be added to this list.

Step 4

Press the center of the five-way directional controller to select an item to read when the item is underlined on-screen. This will select that book and will load either the book's title page (if you have not yet accessed that book) or the page where you stopped reading the last time you used the Kindle.

Step 5

Click the buttons with the arrows, a set of which are located on each side of the Kindle e-reader, to turn pages. The buttons featuring a right arrow will advance the book to the next page, while the buttons with a left-facing arrow will go back to the previous page.

Step 6

Power off the Kindle when you are finished reading by repeating the power-on process. When the Kindle powers off, a screensaver will appear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the font size button, which features a capital and a lowercase letter "A," to adjust the font size.
  • Click the "Menu" button from the home screen to access the "Experimental" menu. This menu offers a basic webkit-based Internet browser, a MP3 player and a "Read to Me" option that converts the text into electronic speech.
  • Mark important passages in your books or write notes about the books using the "Note or Highlight" option, which can be accessed from any screen via the "Menu" button.
  • Leave your Kindle's wireless set to "Off" when not using options that require Internet access, such as shopping in the Kindle store or browsing the web. Leaving the wireless on continuously will drain the Kindle power far more quickly. For example, a Kindle 3 with wireless constantly enabled can last 10 days without recharging, while one with wireless disabled can function for about one month.