How to Use a Laptop Cable Lock

By James Clark

A laptop cable lock secures your portable computer to an immovable object to reduce risk of theft if you have to step away for a moment. This is useful in public places such as a cafe if you want to buy another cup of coffee, for example, without having to bring your laptop up to the counter with you. The lock attaches at one point to the laptop after threading the end around a steel loop attached at the other end.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable lock and key or combination-type lock

Step 1

Wrap the looped end of the lock cable around a steel pole or other immovable object, then pass the lock end of the cable through the loop on the other end of the cable.

Step 2

Attach the locking mechanism to the socket on the edge of your laptop, typically on the back edge or right side.

Step 3

Turn the lock mechanism 90 degrees counter-clockwise to lock it to the laptop.

Step 4

Dial the combination numbers on the three or four metal wheels of a combination lock to release the laptop. Insert the tube-shaped key for a keyed laptop lock into the round socket on the lock and turn clockwise 90 degrees to release the laptop.