How to Use a Laptop Screen As a PC Monitor

By Jennifer Hudock

Using your laptop as a monitor for a desktop computer has numerous advantages, whether you're trying to fix a desktop without a working monitor or need a second screen for gaming. Without a PC monitor that allows you to set up a dual screen system, you will need special equipment to connect your PC to your laptop so you can access the keyboard and the mouse to open up functions on the desktop computer.

Things You'll Need


Step 1

Turn your monitor-less computer so you can access the VGA connection. Make sure your computer and laptop are both off before you begin connecting the wires.

Step 2

Connect the black wire head of the KVM2USB wire to the VGA source in the back of your computer and the yellow wire head to the KVM2USB device.

Step 3

Connect the USB cord from the KVM2USB device to the USB port on your laptop.

Step 4

Insert the software disk in your laptop CD-ROM drive. Turn on your laptop and install the software that allows your laptop to access the data on the desktop computer.

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