How to Use a Micro SD Memory Card

By C.D. Crowder

A micro SD memory card is commonly used in cell phones and other mobile devices. The card is roughly a third of the size of a typical SD card. Most card readers do not support micro SD cards. There is a work around, though. The work around basically turns the micro SD card into a regular size SD card. You can then use the card with other digital devices, such as digital cameras. With a micro SD card, you can easily transfer pictures, music and video from you phone to your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card adapter or kit

Step 1

Place the micro SD card your cell phone or other device that supports micro SD cards. Place data on the card.

Step 2

Remove the micro SD card from your device. Place it in the SD card adapter.

Step 3

Place the adapter into your computer to transfer data.

Step 4

Remove the adapter from the computer.

Step 5

Place the adapter in any device that supports an SD card if you wish to use your micro SD card as a normal SD card.

Step 6

Remove the micro SD card from the adapter when you wish to use it in your phone or other device supporting micro SD cards.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're only using the micro SD card as a regular SD card, leave it in the adapter at all times to prevent loss.
  • SD card adapters and kits can be purchased wherever SD cards are sold.
  • Never force the micro SD card into the adapter. There is only one correct way to insert the card. If you encounter a lot of resistance, then you are inserting the card incorrectly.