How to Use a Motorola Minitor V Pager

By Patrick Nelson

Fire departments and other emergency or rapid-response services use tone pagers to notify people of incidents over radio; the pager automatically triggers the radio. Each fire department or emergency service programs the pager with specific frequencies and alert tones. The Minitor V two-tone pager also stores voice messages, so the user can listen to the message later if he misses the original alert.

Step 1

Set the **Function** switch to a tone-alert position to place the Minitor into alert monitor status. Rotate the **On/Off/Switch/Volume** knob clockwise to turn on the Minitor. You will hear eight short beeps and both lights illuminate.

Step 2

Move the **Function** switch to a simple monitor position; for example, a fire dispatch channel. Listen for traffic and adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Step 3

Set the **Function** switch to selective call tone, selective call vibrate, monitor or scan. Your department will preset these positions, which can include monitoring a frequency for predefined tones and then sounding beeps, vibrating, beeping and vibrating, or simply playing and recording.

Step 4

Leave the pager to monitor traffic and listen for alerts. Depending on the programming, the radio automatically opens the speaker and you’ll hear the traffic. If you miss the traffic, listen for the periodic beeps that indicate the Motorola Minitor V has recorded traffic. Press the **Playback** button to listen to the recording.

Tips & Warnings

  • For optimal performance, recharge the pager's Ni-MH battery pack before the start of each on-call shift.