How to Use a Nortel T7316e Phone

By LaoA

Nortel T7316e phones can help office employees perform their jobs more effectively because it gives them the ability to change from speakerphone to handset quickly, allows for call transfers via a single button and lets them know if a line is free or taken. However, the instructions that often come with phones specifically designed for office use may look like a different language to readers. If you learn how to use the various functions of a Nortel T7316e phone, you can make and receive calls with ease.

Step 1

Use your "Feature" function to begin or end a task during the set-up process. This button sits right beneath your display screen.

Step 2

Adjust the volume on your Nortel phone. You can find the button for this beneath your dial pad. If you want to lower the sound on the phone, press the button on the left-hand side, and then raise the volume by pressing the button on the opposite side.

Step 3

Push "Feature,. then * and the number "7." This lets you alter the level of contrast that displays on the screen.

Step 4

Push your "Feature" button once again, then push your star key, "5," "0" and finally "1" to choose the language you want to use.