How to Use a SMART Board

By Sheila Robinson

A SMART board is an interactive whiteboard with data-capturing and touch-screen features. It has a lot of flexibility in various applications, such as teaching and school presentations.

Step 1

Write notes using your finger or stylus, not a dry erase marker, which can damage the SMART board. Your data can then be saved to a file and distributed by printout, CD or email.

Step 2

Instruct students on how to use computer software applications. Teachers can use an attached PC to demonstrate program features on the SMART board while students interact with the software.

Step 3

To stimulate creative writing, play an adventure-style video game such as Elder Scrolls or Myst and have participants describe areas of the game in writing.

Step 4

Create a podcast presentation by attaching a video camera to the SMART board, and improve public speaking skills by reviewing recorded clips on the screen.

Step 5

To help people with limited motor skills, have individuals use their fingers to interact with text, images and objects on-screen, which does not need complex dexterity.

Step 6

Teach geography by utilizing the SMART board's built-in map capability and use a stylus or finger to zoom in on specific regions.

Step 7

Improve a student's grammar skills by using the board's highlighter tool to point out the adjectives, nouns and verbs in a piece of writing. Use a SMART keyboard with the board for text-to-speech and handwriting recognition. Save and print out the exercises for student reference and study.

Step 8

Demonstrate the Internet and have students improve their research skills by interacting with the board. Navigate to interactive websites to educate students in foreign languages, arts and science.

Step 9

Educate students about story writing or history by using comic book software to create your own story and display it for interactive discussion, or have students design a comic book with their own images and dialogue.

Step 10

Solve mathematical equations on the SMART board. Demonstrate each step and involve the students in the process of solving the problems.

Step 11

Use Microsoft Paint on the board to demonstrate art and drawing methods.